Rick Santorum's One-Woman Fan Club

Off to the rest home, crazy! - WonketteIt's tough to tell someone you love that they're being sent to the assisted-living place and will only be able to submit columns to the Nursing Home Newsletter, but today's the day we send off Grandma Peggy Noonan. A bizarre love ode to Rick Santorum finally convinced us it was time:

But here's an exception: the state of Pennsylvania, which has been this year a bright patch of meaning. Its U.S. Senate contest has been the great race of the cycle, the one about which conservatives in their hearts most care. And not only conservatives, but those who know, for whatever reason and in whatever way, that there is something truly at stake here, something beyond mere red team and blue.

That would be Sen. Rick Santorum. The sense among so many people -- including politicians and journalists -- is that the Senate needs his sort, his kind.

Christ! She's putting out this regal bullshit about a screechingJesusFreak obsessed with screwing dogs, an embarrassing twit who makes the rest of the Senate seem almost dignified in comparison. His approval rate in Pennsylvania (where he hasn't lived for years) is in Bush Territory, the 30s. Bob Casey has a double-digit lead. Where are these "politicians and journalists," Peggy? You know, besides Santorum and yourself? Enjoy the rest home! Tuesday is Taco Night!

We Need His Kind; In praise of Rick Santorum [Opinion Journal]


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