Rick Snyder Simply Can't Believe Hillary And Bernie Would Blame HIM For Flint Crisis

This was the part of the debate when Hillz 'n' Bern yelled "RICK YOU IGNORANT SLUT!"

Where do these big government Demon-cratics GET OFF? That is what Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder would like to know. During Sunday night's Democratic debate in Flint, Michigan, Hillz and Bernie took some time to agree with each other that it's a bad thing for children to drink water full of frozen lead pancakes. And OK fine, maybe according to "science" that is bad. But Snyder is appalled that the contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination would make these sorts of suggestions:

Bernie: [T]here’s a lot of blame to go around, and one of the points that I have made is that I believe the Governor of this state should understand that his dereliction of duty was irresponsible. He should resign.

Hillary: I agree, the Governor should resign, or be recalled ... support the efforts of citizens attempting to achieve that. But, that is not enough. We have to focus on what must be done to help the people of Flint.

Those are some fightin' words directed at a man who is so innocent of injecting the water of Flint with jizzy lead poop crackers that even he can't even. So the good governor did what all good governors do and he issued an official statementgot on Tweetbook and MyFace during the debate to say that Hillary and Bernie are the real jizzy lead poop cracker face heads:

In a few days, political candidates will be leaving Flint and Michigan. They will not be staying to help solve the crisis, but I am committed to the people of Flint. I will fix this crisis and help move Flint forward. Long-term solutions are what the people of Flint need and what I am focused on delivering for them.

Yeah Hillz 'n' Bern, how can you even say you care if you're not going to personally stay in Flint and siphon the lead out of the water with your loud libtard mouths, HUH? Rick Snyder is going to do that, with "long-term solutions" and whatever. Maybe he is going to "fix this crisis" by curiously gazing at canned ham, because that's the picture he chose to accompany his FaceSpace post:

"So, you are telling me that Poors open up these cans, and they eat what is inside?"

Look. We are not some kind of conspiracy theorist who believes Rick Snyder poisoned the water of Flint all by himself. We are fairly certain a whole bunch of people in Snyder's Republican administration should get to cosplay "Orange Is The New Black" with Snyder for the rest of eternity.

But it sure does seem like he shares a significant portion of the blame, doesn't it? He is lawyered up like he has something to hide. And we know people close to him were trying to warn him about the problem in the year 2014, which is, Gregorian Calendar fact, a couple years ago. And he's tried to pass the problem off on the feds, because they were the ones who let his administration switch Flint's water system in the first place. AND AND AND! he's been doing all those "solutions" Republicans like to do when they fuck up, like finding random people in his administration, branding them with Scarlet Letters, and letting them "resign" for their crimes.

AND AND AND SOME MORE TIMES INFINITY! You get the idea. And so do Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, which is why they're saying maybe Snyder should put on some panties made of lead and take a funtimes lead cruise down the Flint River, which is made of lead, and never come back.

[CNN / Democratic Debate transcript viaThe New York Times]

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