End Times Guy Rick Wiles Hoping Trump Will Kill Us All By Firing Squad In Next Month

End Times Guy Rick Wiles Hoping Trump Will Kill Us All By Firing Squad In Next Month

Last week, while we were all mostly not here and also not really paying much attention to the news, the Justice Department announced a rules change that would allow firing squads, electrocution and nitrogen gas to be used in federal death penalty cases, if the laws in the state where the prisoner is meant to be executed allow for such things. As grotesque as this is, there is not much of a point to it besides macho posturing, as President-elect Joe Biden has promised to abolish the federal death penalty once he is in office and four of the five prisoners whose executions are scheduled up until then have already chosen lethal injection.

Well, unless you ask noted End Times preacher Rick Wiles, who has his own ideas about things. Last week, during a little pre-Thanksgiving roundtable, Wiles speculated that the real reason this rules change was rushed through was because "they're gonna shoot some people" and that Trump is planning to execute all of the bad leftists in media, science, academia, etc., simply because we "deserve it."

He is very excited about this, as you might imagine.

He said:

They're gonna have a bunch of traitors, they're gonna line 'em up against a wall and start shooting them. Because that's what they deserve.The Democrats, the news media. If the leftists, if scientists, professors have been working secretly with the Chinese Communist Party, then line 'em up against the wall and shoot them. That's what you do with them.

Secretly working with the Chinese Communist Party to do what?

This just goes to show you how very little Rick Wiles even knows about "Leftists" or "Communists" in the United States. Communists do not consider China (or the former Soviet Union, for that matter) to even be communist, and tend to not be too thrilled about the human rights abuses and the labor situation over there. Particularly all the child labor.

As Tim Allen so helpfully pointed out recently, Karl Marx himself was very opposed to child labor.

I can tell you right now that as a long-time "Leftist" who works in the media, the only contact I have ever had with the Chinese Communist government were the letters I sent them in high school demanding that they free the Panchen Lama, and the only people I have heard defending American companies who use Chinese labor or products made with Chinese labor have been capitalists. You know, like Ivanka Trump.

But back to the firing squads.

Wiles's theory is honestly a little awkward, timing-wise, because wingnuts only have about a month and a half to go until they need to switch gears and start screaming about how Joe Biden is going to murder all of them with firing squads, throwing them into FEMA camps or otherwise Jade Helming them. It's like they're in a limbo period where they should really hush about all of their weird murder plans for a while. And how many professors, journalists and scientists is Donald Trump even going to be able to murder in a month and a half? Even by firing squad, that seems rather difficult to pull off. Especially since it will not change the result of the election, which he lost. It's hardly as if there's some constitutional clause that says if you murder enough of your political enemies you get to continue being president even if you lost the election.

Of course, fantasizing about getting to see all of the imaginary pro-Chinese Government Leftists getting their brains blown out is probably just what Wiles needs to do to cope with the loss of the election. It's not the route I'd go, personally, being that I faint at the sight of blood and also do not believe in the death penalty, but it is clearly what he needs to do to get through the day. Surely, he will soon adjust and be back to fantasizing about getting to watch God set us all on fire as he gets vacuumed up into heaven, or however that whole Rapture thing is supposed to go.

[Right Wing Watch Twitter]

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