Right to Life Endorses Fred Thompson's Right to Life

inside? outside? don't even like this guy, whateverIt seems Fred Thompson's strategy of referencing tadpoles, fish, trucks and assorted other rural imagery has done the trick: The National Right to Life Committee is endorsing him. Their belief that Thompson will make all fetuses live comes in spite of the fact that he'd probably never overturn Roe v. Wade out of sheer laziness.

Thompson irritated social conservatives recently when he said he didn't necessarily support a constitutional amendment banning abortions everywhere. The old scourge! Doesn't he know anything about these people? They want any woman even considering having an abortion to be SHAT ON BY AMENDMENTS.

He quelled the fire and won over the Right to Life Committee's endorsement with prosaic responses like this, however:

"What I have concentrated on is a way to get to the same goal that's achievable. ... I think the answer is to get better judges and to appoint people to the Supreme Court, and hopefully someday Roe v. Wade will be overturned. That's my goal. That's my priority."

Thompson said the country must return to the days before the Supreme Court legalized abortion with that ruling, which he called "bad law and bad medicine." (emphasis ours)

Dadgum, that Roe Vee Wade sure don't heal my wounds like a pickup truck do. Pickup truck done been good medicine, tadpoles and fish and the like.

Thompson to be endorsed by Right to Life [AP/Yahoo]


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