Rightwing Troll 'Journalist' Chuck C. Johnson Banned From Twitter Forever, Again

Award-winning journalist Chuck C. Johnson has Finally Gone Too Far, No Really This Time, and has reportedly been banned for life from Twitter, and they definitely mean it this time for sure, almost certainly, maybe.

Johnson got a "permanent suspension" from Twitter, unlike all his previous temporary suspensions, after asking supporters to give him money to "take out" civil rights activist DeRay McKesson, who is just one of his many, many enemies. McKesson has been active in protests in Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, and Johnson finally crossed the line with what McKesson considered a threat threat, although on Twitter, death threats are merely another form of punctuation:

Is that a genuine threat in a legal sense? Probably not, because it doesn't say that Johnson intends to actually cause the death of McKesson. On the other hand, Twitter is a private business, and it, not a court of law, gets to decide what violates its terms of service, so Twitter permabanned Johnson -- his fourth suspension, and who knows, maybe it will stick this time.

After his suspension Sunday, Johnson attempted to return to Twitter with at least two new accounts, including "@citizentrolling" and "@freechucknow," which were also banned. He used one of these accounts to threaten legal action against the similarly named but sane blogger Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, who has apparently done great damage to award-winning journalist Chuck C. Johnson by documenting all the stupid shit he does on Twitter. As the Sane Johnson notes, the Insane Johnson might actually have won himself an extra double secret suspension by creating the extra accounts, which violate Twitter's rules against creating "multiple accounts for disruptive or abusive purposes;" Twitter also warns that "Mass account creation may result in suspension of all related accounts."

Before the Twitter ban, Chuck C. Johnson had earned himself the title of New Stupidest Man on the Internet for his outstanding achievements in being wrong, such as "outing" someone who was not actually "Jackie" as the woman who was "Jackie" in the Rolling Stone's story about rape at UVA, incorrectly claiming that Michael Brown had a juvenile conviction for MURDER, presenting a decades old hoax story as a real scoop, and using the occasion of the AirAsia plane crash to fantasize about how hot the airline's stewardesses were, hubba hubba. He also liked to publicize the home addresses of people he disliked, like New York Times journalists and the mayor of Baltimore.

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Needless to say, he's muttering about suing Twitter for censoring him, because he understands the First Amendment about as well as he understands anything else in this big scary world full of women and minorities.

We figure Chuck C. Johnson is gone from Twitter for good this time, or at least until Wednesday afternoon.

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