Rihanna Is Your New President Of Helping People Be Gay

Good person.

There are so many things to be sad about in the United States Of The World. Syrian refugees, Donald Trump, the "Ziki Fly," Justin Bieber, Ted Cruz's penis, terrorism, the Duggar series reboot ... you name it. If you want to wallow in misery, you can.

But sometimes, also too, there are GOOD things, and this is one of those. Rihanna, you know her? Well of course you don't KNOW her, because you are not famous! She is a great pop star who makes songs like "Rude Boy" and "We Found Love" and "Umbrella." They are pretty great pop songs!

Well, know who is NOT a rude boy, and who also found love in a hopeless place? One of Rihanna's biggest fans, who is a gay! And the place he found love was actually under Rihanna's own um-brella-brella-brella!

Basic story goes like this: Rihanna fan is a gay black dude, but he is in the closet, and he's having a hard time accepting it and coming out. So he Tweeter messages Rihanna, because why not, her music helps him and stuff and maybe she'll notice.

She noticed:

Hi, Rihanna! Wait like for real, Rihanna sent her fan a really nice message, and that is great. But according to Buzzfeed, they've been chatting FOR A MONTH, and she just keeps giving him support and love:

Awwwwwww. MORE RIHANNA LOVE-NESS! Can't you feel your frown turning upside down right now?

In the last couple screenshots we have, we see Rihanna being like "No thank YOU" for being one of the many people who has supported her career, etc., and so on, ALL THE FEELS:

Buzzfeed says he's going to get to meet her in person at her concert in July! YAY FOR RIHANNA AND THIS DUDE!

Oof, that is just a lot of happiness for one Wonkette post. Should we post a picture of Ted Cruz's sex face to balance things out?


Congratulations, Rihanna and gay dude Rihanna fan, you win the Wonkette Nice-Nice Award for the week.

Now, we will post that song about finding love in a hopeless place and you will get to have a bonus happy THURSDAY dance party, how is that?


Evan Hurst

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