Rihanna's Boobs Lift Us Up Where We Belong


What has HappyNiceTimePeople's new editor-in-chief, Sara Benincasa (THAT'S ME!), been doing over there at our sister site? Oh, you know, stuff.

We chilled you out with a totally chill British lady doing mind wizarding or whatever.

We creeped you out with Louis C.K. attempting to assault Pamela Adlon in his prestigious teevee show "Louie."

We explained hockey.

We made you cry with a sweet old 'lympics clip.

We filled you in on Robocop saving Detroit.

We recapped Cosmos.

We missed Molly Ivins.

We sex jammed to Jon Spencer.

We clipbaited Jon Stewart yelling at FOX News about the soldier-man.

We consensually showed you Rihanna's tittayz.

Aaaaand here they are again.

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Morning Wonketariat! Here's some of the things we may be talking about today.

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