Riley Is Not Dead (Yet): Very Brief Update From Occupied Libertyville Park


Wonkette special correspondent Riley Waggaman is like the child you threw out and then, years later, kind of felt bad about. What ever happened to him? Well, after a triumphant week or two of posting dispatches from the Occupy Wall Street campout, Riley had to hitchhike back to New Hampshire for some other kind of "personal liberty," but now he's back at Zuccotti. Here is the entirety of his email today:

[Offline] Riley Waggaman to me

show details 11:43 AM (1 hour ago)

Hey! sorry! I have been at the park since last weekend. But I have not been able to write anything recently, mostly due to terrible laziness/I'm now stashing my computer at a friend's house in Brooklyn, which makes breaking-news coverage difficult.

But I was there for all the craziness last night/this morning! We got rained on hard. Developed a bit of a cold so now I am resting up. Will try to write something today!


So, no Armies of the Night II from Waggaman today. Maybe tomorrow!? Kirsten B. says she's going to make him "some cookies from the mysterious "halloween sandwich mold cutters" (ew) that my mom just mailed to me."


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