Cancel culture strikes again! Its latest victim is One America News, which got dropped by Verizon Fios yesterday after failing to renegotiate its carrier agreement.

The divorce, which was first reported by the Daily Beast's Justin Baragona, leaves OAN without a way to get its very serious news journalisms on the airwaves. It was already dropped by DirecTV, after which it filed a hilariously stupid breach of contract suit against AT&T, which owns DirecTV, alleging that the telecom's board chair was a dastardly Democrat hellbent on "cutting off [OAN's] ability to earn revenue to help fund its defense" in the defamation case filed against it by Dominion Voting Systems.

Which is exactly the LOLsuit you'd expect from a network which made Chanel Rion a "star" by flogging every election fraud conspiracy or bit of COVID misinformation crapped out of the ass-end of 4chan. Remember that time when Rion claimed that octogenarian philanthropist George Soros was tailing her around Ukraine as she and Rudy Giuliani pursued the "truth" about President Joe Biden and his son Hunter?

REMEMBER WHEN? OAN Sues AT&T For Bad Court Thingy

Trump's Daily Coronavirus Bullsh*t, Or Who Or What The Hell Is 'Chanel Rion'?

Now the Daily Beast reports that you're going to have to go help nana learn to use the interwebs if she wants to keep watching her stories:

Currently, the only cable provider in the U.S. still offering OAN is Alaska-based General Communications Inc. Unfortunately for the network, GCI is only available in a little over 100,000 households and is looking to completely ditch cable for streaming. Beyond that, OAN is available on little-known digital platforms Vifgo and KlowdTV.

As for Verizon, it put out its own statement yesterday assuring its customers that the decision arose from the company's sacred devotion to capitalism, not suppressing conservative voices.

All cable and satellite TV providers enter into agreements with programmers for the right to carry their content. These contracts can vary in length, but typically run for a number of years. When contracts expire, it’s not unusual for programmers to try to renegotiate their agreements at a higher price, and we understand that. Sometimes we can negotiate other facets of an agreement to help hold the increases to a minimum, but that is becoming increasingly difficult. Rest assured that we will not agree to rate increases that are exorbitant and unfair to our customers or inconsistent with the rest of the industry.

Will this earn Verizon a nastygram from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who took time out of his busy schedule of harassing trans kids to send AT&T a letter joined by AGs in Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, and South Carolina telling them to put OAN back in the lineup or else.

JESUS THIS GUY: Texas AG And Gov Just Made It Illegal To Provide Medical Care To Trans Kids, All By Their Lonesomes

"My fellow attorneys general and I strongly recommend that you reconsider your present course and renew your contract with OAN in April," he wrote. "Your failure to do so will not only cause you to lose millions of dollars in business, but also drive many millions of Americans to simply cancel your services outright, as President Trump and other leading figures have already called for."

And yet, AT&T defied these very serious law men and their extremely credible claims.

How will America learn to live without OAN and its gymnastic feats of onanism? Guess we'll soldier on somehow. But don't worry, kids, we'll always have Newsmax. Baragona reports that Verizon has signed a contract to keep the channel in its basic cable package. Hosanna!

[Daily Beast / TechDirt]

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