Kyle Rittenhouse Tries Hand At Comedy

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Kyle Rittenhouse Tries Hand At Comedy

You may recall, back during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, that some conservatives were very upset over the way the poor little darling was widely mocked for the very fake-looking crying he did on the stand, where it was surmised that he was pretending to feel remorse over shooting three people and killing two of them. Rittenhouse himself huffed and puffed and said he was no longer a Lakers fan after LeBron James suggested that he worked up those crocodile tears by eating some Lemon Heads.

But it seems like LeBron was right, as Rittenhouse has no problem turning the waterworks on again for what he seems to think is a "funny meme" about how he is just as sad about Joe Biden personally driving up gas prices as he was about killing two people. Tweeting "No, it's not Lemon Heads ... it's the burning hole in my pocket thanks to a Joe Biden presidency," Rittenhouse shared a video of him sobbing at the gas station just like he sobbed in the courtroom.

Imagine being a family member of someone who was killed by Kyle Rittenhouse and watching this. It's just cruel. Although it is a little bit nice of him to give the parents of Anthony Huber, the man who tried to stop him from killing more people, evidence for the civil suit against him. That's quite the gift. It's also quite the gift to LeBron James, whom Rittenhouse announced he would be suing last month over the comments about his crocodile tears.

It is my opinion that he never felt any remorse over the incident and that opinion seems even more supported now. I don't even know that OJ would have tried this.

The only funny thing here is that Rittenhouse actually thinks that presidents have some control over gas prices, which they do not. If presidents controlled gas prices, gas prices would always be low because those presidents would want to be reelected. Duh. Gas companies drive up prices and do so regardless of how much they receive in government subsidies — which is a lot. In fact, in 2020, gas companies raked in about 5.9 trillion US dollars in government subsidies globally. That is so much money! That's 11 million dollars a minute.

Additionally, domestic fossil fuel production is still very high, with no signs of slowing any time soon.

Via Slate:

It is true that U.S. oil production is lower now than it was in in February of 2020, when it hit an all-time record high of 12.8 million barrels. (That was before the market crashed at the onset of the coronavirus crisis.) But based on the GOP’s rhetoric, you might be tempted to think that U.S. oil production had collapsed since Biden stepped into the Oval Office.

That’s just not the case: In fact, oil production has actually increased, from about 11 million barrels per day to 11.5 million barrels through 2021. As Biden himself noted last week when announcing sanctions on Russian energy, domestic oil companies pumped more crude during the first year of his presidency than in the first year of Donald Trump’s. The number of oil rigs operating in the United States is still growing, too.

The truth is, gas prices are high because gas companies are greedy. Anyone who thinks it's more than that is a fool. Though to be fair, Kyle Rittenhouse has been a fool for a long time now, so it's hardly surprising he's being foolish about this.

[Kyle Rittenhouse Twitter]

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