Here we go again. The RNC is whining about debates and threatening to boycott them forever. It's kind of a thing they've been doing for years now. This seems to be the culmination of a back-and-forth that started back in the extremely timely time of last summer. And it's definitely something we need to be thinking about in ... *checks watch* ... January of 2022.

Ronna Willard Mittens Mormonbottoms Romney McDaniel — it's important to type the whole name Jesus gave her — has written a NASTYGRAM to the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) telling them this is their last and final warning. If they don't change all the rules to make it easier for Republicans to cheat win at debates, and if they don't completely skullfuck reality to the point that they accept Republicans' insistence that completely normal moderators are BIASSSSSSSSS, then the RNC will simply ban all future Republican candidates from participating in debates put on by the CPD.

And if that means there are no debates — because obviously Democrats are not going to agree to debate in the GOP's preferred venue for Democrats, which is with their heads being held under the water in Tucker Carlson's servant toilets — well then guess there won't be any debates.

"So long as the CPD appears intent on stonewalling the meaningful reforms necessary to restore its credibility with the Republican Party as a fair and nonpartisan actor, the RNC will take every step to ensure that future Republican presidential nominees are given that opportunity elsewhere," RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel wrote in a letter Thursday to Frank Fahrenkopf and Kenneth Wollack, co-chairs of the debate commission.

Uh huh.

The letter is so stupid, y'all. It's full of demands, which the RNC frames as the CPD's "failures," which include moving at least one of the debates back to before early voting starts, and making sure not to have any moderators who are BIASSSSS. (Remember the list of suggestions the Trump campaign submitted in 2020? Literally the stupidest rightwing pundits alive, like Hugh Hewitt and Maria Bartiromo. You betcha.)

The letter also whines that the CPD's board is no longer nonpartisan, because so many of them "publicly disparag[ed]" Trump. They never will understand that if you nominate the World's Stupidest Hitler to be your nominee, respectable Americans of all political persuasions are probably gonna disparage that guy.

There are other demands on there, situations in which the RNC isn't surprised, just disappointed, but who gives an eff, you don't want to read it.

Also, the RNC is sore offended that anyone would suggest that the demands they are making are some kind of cynical ploy to heavily weight debates in favor of the dumb fucking fascist party:

We are especially frustrated with the CPD’s refusal to enact reforms aimed at ensuring nonpartisanship by claiming that doing so would somehow render the organization more partisan.

Haha fuck you.

Anyway, the letter says if CPD doesn't do what Ronna Willard Mittens Mormonbottoms Romney McDaniel says NOWFUCKINGNOW, then they'll start changing their rules at the next big RNC potluck orgy, which according to NBC News is scheduled for next month.

So that's where things are.

Don't freak out, it's fine. Republicans don't believe in debates, just like they don't believe in Black people or Democrats in general voting, just like they don't believe in accepting election results where Republicans don't win, just like they don't believe in holding accountable the terrorists who organized, ordered, incited, and committed the January 6 attack on the United States. How is "gonna back out of debates now" any different?

The CPD is totally mean to Republicans anyway. It wouldn't let Donald Trump hack COVID droplets all over Joe Biden, which put Trump at an unfair disadvantage because Trump needs to be able to loudly grunt and constantly interrupt and shout over his opponent in person in order to have a chance in debates. It ignored all his hilarious suggestions for moderators. Just totally unfair.

So is this real or is it just Ronna Willard Mittens Mormonbottoms Romney McDaniel blowing angry smoke out her ass?

Who cares, OPEN THREAD.

[NBC News / dumb letter]

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