RNC Committeeman Dave Agema: Hey Y'All Know If This Onion Story About 'Bama's Slow Sad Son Is True?

RNC Committeeman Dave Agema: Hey Y'All Know If This Onion Story About 'Bama's Slow Sad Son Is True?

Republican National Committeeman and former Michigan state representative Dave Agema is a swell guy. He once, in the midst of a state budget showdown,skipped some key votes so he could hunt sheep in Russia. (True fact: The sheep were afraid, but not of getting shot!) Another time, he complained taxpayers were spending too much on clothes for orphans. And still another time, Agema, who clearly enjoys soft-focus photography and fresh-cut flowers but hates Muslims, said Barack Obama must be a Muslim because Dave Agema just feels like that's the case. He also likes it when riot police injure American citizens.

Naturally, Michigan Republicans rewarded such sound political leadership by electing Agema to serve as a Republican National Committeeman. Because of course they did.

Dave Agema isn't done riding the crazy train just because he is now responsible for the operations of one of our republic's two major political parties. Not by a long-shot. Wednesday afternoon he tweeted out a question that has been on his mind lately: Is that story in The Onion about Obama having a secret 19-year-old son true?

Now, don't think that Agema is some backwoods hick like Louisiana Congressman John Fleming, who was suckered by The Onion story about Planned Parenthood's megamall "Abortionplex," or the rubes running China's newspaper of record, who believed The Onion was serious when it named North Korea's adorably chubby strongman Kathy Geiss Kim Jong Un as the world's sexiest man.

Not at all. Dave Agema is way smarter than that. He explained to a reporter that he was only joking when he asked if The Onion story about Obama's illegitimate (black!) son was for reals. This tweet totally looks like it's intended as a joke.

Cynics might argue that Dave Agema is a disingenuous piece of shit who was happy to exploit actual satire to gin up his far-right crazytown base of bigots and conspiracy theorists by playing on disparaging stereotypes about African-American males, or that it was only after someone noticed that he went "derp derp satire." That would be unfair. It's not like Dave Agema, a man who says (despite all objective evidence to the contrary) Obama must be a secret Muslim, would ever traffic is such vulgar misinformation to appeal to the body politic's lowest common denominator.

To believe that you'd have to first believe there exists a market for bizarre and false right-wing conspiracy theories that exploit the fears of ignorants for power and profit. Nothing like that exists. Off topic: Eisenhower was a Russian spy and buy gold. Also emergency seed kits. Otherwise you could end up in a FEMA Camp.

Nope. Dave Agema was totally just joking when he asked people if they thought President Obama actually has a secret, illegitimate son. It was just good fun. Don't be so sensitive.



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