RNC Launches Very Interesting 'BarackBook'!

Since John McCain cannot appeal to America's Youth in any demonstrable way, he has to rely on the famously hip and "with it" RNC to awaken the young voters' elan vital. And what do the children like this millennium? The Facebook, of course! And, perchance, would there were a way to use New Yorker Satire to mock Barry Hussein with a Facebook spinoff, on the Internet? One might call it the "BarackBook"! Let's explore the RNC's ingenius new "BarackBook," and possibly not kill ourselves in the process.

The normal Facebook works like this: you exchange maybe two logistical e-mails with a classmate or a business colleague you've never met in real life, and then you decide that this person is your "friend" and you request "friendship" from said other. Then you can view the other's profile and see which cool bands or movies or Gabriel Garcia Marquez books he or she likes.

Barack Obama has 1,224,722 friends on his Facebook account. On BarackBook, however, he has seven friends, and they're all filthy crooks:

Ha ha, silly William Ayers. Don't flatter yourself, you're not that young anymore!

Oh and how nice: Barack even includes a donation page for the RNC on his Facebook BarackBook.

Coming next from the RNC: free "coloring books" for potential black voters.



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