RNC Will Just Keep This Loser Mike Duncan (Or Maybe Not, Steele Leads In 3rd Ballot!)


Tyson's Corner.Tipster "Matt L." just sent us the First Ballot results from the exciting Republican National Committee voting for a new chairman to revive the doomed party! And let's see, current loser RNC chair Mike Duncan has 52 votes, hapless Maryland loser and "moderate black Republican" Michael Steele got 46, South Carolina segregationist Katon Dawson has 28, Michigan GOP loser Saul Anuzis got 22, and "social-conservative black Republican" Ken Blackwell, who couldn't even deliver Ohio to McCain/Palin, has 20 votes. UPDATE: Steele and Duncan are now tied! UPDATE: Oh shit, Steele in the lead!

This means aThere was a Second Ballot, as they just love to drag this shit out, and the various warring factions of the GOP all literally hate each others' guts & souls. And then there was a Third Ballot!

It's especially telling that Duncan had a pretty strong first place finish in this first round, and can probably win a majority of these 168 idiots' votes by choosing whatever constituency/platform he wants to try in 2010, because he displayed such brilliant strategies in 2006 and 2008, when Republicans were slaughtered, everywhere.

Should he try to fake out some blacks and moderates with Steele? Combine Katon "whites only" Dawson's traditional Republican southern/wasp racism with Blackwell's Uncle Tom wingnuttery? UPDATE: Steele and Duncan tied, and then Steele takes the lead with the Third Ballot. But still not enough to win, as he needs a majority. UPDATE AGAIN: Ha, CSPAN switched to Robert Gibbs talking about Saving America, as these fools can't even pick a chairman for their failed party.

Tragically, the greatest candidate for RNC chair dropped out of the thrilling race last night. Chip Saltsman -- the comic genius who mailed all his buddies the HILARIOUS parody song with the white guy doing a wonderful blackface mush-mouthed version of children's song "Puff the Magic Dragon," but instead titled "Barack the Magic Negro" -- for some reason decided this was not his day. But he'll be back, surely, maybe to run the new White Separatist wing of the GOP, with Dawson. It will be called the "Ku Klux Klan." Catchy!



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