RNC's Holiday Photo Fun

Apparently having a flashback to his days at TIME, Slate's John Dickerson did some reporting today and discovered the Republican National Committee's very own war on Christmas. In their new web-only ad attempting to terrify people about the Democrats' seditious anti-military criticisms of Bush, the RNC illustrated the problem of undermining the troops with a picture of a soldier stoically watching the Dems bad-mouth him and his cause. There's the usual misleading, out-of-context tilt, but Dickerson also caught a factual error sure to enrage Bill O'Reilly: They airbrushed Christmas. In the original file photo (right), our fighting man isn't being disillusioned by John Kerry, he's having the cockles of his heart warmed by Dr. Suess's timeless tale of holiday spirit, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." Shame on you RNC!

The War On Grinchmas
Well, it could be worse. They could have just kept the photo untouched and compared Democrats to the Grinch. What with the Nazis already taken.

The Grinch Who Doctored Photos [Slate]


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