Robert Draper Blogs Salacious Details Of Latest McCain-Palin Nastiness


You may all remember Robert Draper for hisinsanely long NYT article about the reverse-cowgirl firing squad that is the McCain campaign, or that book he wrote a couple years ago about George Bush being a turd. Whatever. There is news! He is a blogger now! And his blog has even more fantastical goodies about how John McCain has forced Sarah Palin to ride on the roof of the Straight Talk Express along with Mitt Romney's dog.

Seriously, this is gossip column crack for political nerds, and O! It is such a shame there are only six days left before President McCain perpetrates a military junta from his home state of Panama, because you could read this shit all day. Today he is supposed to start blogging about the Democrats, so soon we will get to find out if Barack Obama and Joe Biden really are bickering over Joe's Botox budget.

Robert Draper: The Home Stretch '08 [GQ]


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