Roberts Probably Straight (Not That There's Anything Wrong with That)

ComeonhetotallylooksgayWe're sort of thrilled that our joking about John Roberts being gay has been officially elevated to a "whisper campaign" intended to bring him down. Does that mean we can take credit for ruining the Kerry-Edwards ticket, too? We're sure John Kerry would appreciate some help in shouldering the blame.

Honestly, we're shocked at how little it took for our observation about Roberts' wrestling/drag career to morph from "heh-heh" to "HEL-LOOO, MARY!" We're been trying to get people to buy Bush as a dog-fuckerforyears and Powerline has yet to write an outraged editorial.

Okay, serious now: We don't actually think Roberts is gay. We totally wish he was, though! Someone needs to keep Souter company.

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