Roberts Rips Wacko Jacko

Abortion, shmabortion: Dana Milbank ferrets out the truly significant documents from John Roberts's tour in the Reagan White House: a series of memoes on whether the Gipper should have composed a series of PR missives honoring Michael Jackson for (among other things) a PSA campaign against drunk driving, and donating 400 seats at a 1986 Washington performance to "needy youngsters." Milbank quotes a typically outraged Roberts memo advising the rejection of the latter request:

I hate to sound like one of Mr. Jackson's records, constantly repeating the same refrain, but I recommend that we not approve this letter. . . . Frankly, I find the obsequious attitude of some members of the White House staff toward Mr. Jackson's attendants, and the fawning posture they would have the president of the United States adopt, more than a little embarrassing.

It's a shame that the future High Court nominee took this divisive stance, when there was a clear consensus-building middle ground on Reagan-Jackson relations: Uniting the two eighties titans on their shared love of chimps.

Young Roberts to King of Pop: Request Denied [Washington Post]


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