Robot Heckles Bill Clinton. That Is All.

kembrew.jpgFormer president Clinton was campaigning for that wife of his in Iowa yesterday when a cyborg from the planet Universityofiowa heckled him. Clearly Tom Tancredo has been targeting the wrong kind of illegals.

Kembrew McLeod, a professor on said Universityofiowa planet, dressed as a robot and interrupted Clinton with, among other things, a demand that "Robots of the world want you to apologize":

McLeod, before security officers could reach him, tossed hundreds of cards into the audience of about 400 people in protest of statements the former president made in 1992 of Sister Souljah, a member of the musical group Public Enemy.

"I like to talk in a way that, you know, will draw attention to these serious issues," McLeod said after the event. "And maybe the way that I draw attention to them is an absurd way but it was the only way that I could draw attention to the particular issue of Sister Souljah, which is an issue that's been swept under the carpet."

The cards included an Internet address for a group that calls itself "Mad Robots In Favor of Bill Clinton Apologizing."

And so that is what the Mad Robot said to the former president Bill Clinton.

U of I prof heckles Clinton [Des Moines Register]


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