Rock and Roll Hotel Anniversary Party feat. Andrew WK

Last weekend, the Rock and Roll Hotel celebrated its first anniversary with a night-long party hosted by noted party enthusiast Andrew WK. We were there! So was Liz Gorman! So was Liz Glover! Glover's interview with the esteemed rocker is above, Liz's gallery of pictures is here, and our brief report is after the jump.

Andrew WK Party Gallery

We'll be honest: we spent a large portion of the night upstairs, in the bar's side-room, which had been re-purposed as the "VIP Lounge" (this meant there was a paper taped to the door). Can you blame us? There was bread and cheese! And hummus! But we caught The Whips, who were intense and great, and part of The Big Sleep, who were, uh, intense and great -- Andrew WK was hosting the party, after all.

There was birthday cake, which we didn't actually try. The Brightest Young Things people were there, obv. And rumor had it that one of the bands got yelled at backstage by Andrew himself for trying to smoke up. WHEN IT'S TIME TO PARTY WE WILL ALWAYS DO IT WITHOUT THE AID OF ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES.

Andrew was, obviously, intense, and loud, and fun. He ended with his song about New York, only he changed "I LOVE, NEW YORK CITY, OH YEAH, NEW YORK CITY" to "WASHINGTON DC," which is kind of cheesy, and yeah, that's totally his stock in trade, and we love him for it, but what does he do when he plays, like, Butte or something?

Overall, the free champagne was v v party-inducing. A+ would sneak bottle of it into the room with MARVEL VS. CAPCOM arcade console again.

Andrew WK

Rock and Roll Hotel

Rock'n'Roll Anniversary Party [BYT]


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