Roger Simon: Only Red-Blooded Gentiles Can Buy Our Presidency

The Politico devotes a couple hundred inches to Mike Bloomberg for some reason today. They love him, you know, but it's a shame he'll never be president. On account of the Jew thing.

The divorce thing is no real barrier, and the height thing I will deal with later. It is the "billionaire Jew" thing that might come into play if he tries to self-finance the race, as in "Does that Jew really think he can buy the American presidency?"

This is simply crazy. First of all, Americans have nothing but respect for anyone rich enough to buy the presidency, and utter contempt for losers who can't afford to but waste our time "debating" and showing up on TV anyway.

Secondly, Americans are too busy hating Mexicans to even remember to hate Jews these days.

In other words, Bloomberg will handily defeat Bill Richardson and lead to the Fred Thompson/Rudy Giuliani presidency, and then to all of our deaths in the 600 new 9/11s.

Why Blomberg Fantasy Won't Come True [Politico]


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