Roger Stone For Prison 2019
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Roger Stone is GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS and headed for the hoosegow -- or maybe not if President Pardon Dangles decides to honor his IOU. Don't give up hope, Liddle' Buddy! You kept your mouth shut about your conversations with Trump about upcoming Wikileaks dumps of stolen DNC emails in July 2016, so maybe the Big Orange Guy will throw you a bone after all.

"They" would be a jury of Stone's peers, who listened to the tape of him testifying to Congress that he had zero texts or emails about Wikileaks' upcoming document dumps, and then saw the hundreds of texts and emails between Stone, wingloon Jerome Corsi, and nutball Randy Credico about Wikileaks and Julian Assange, and concluded that he was lying. "They" didn't believe that Stone's exhortation to "Do a Pentangeli" before the House Intelligence Committee was simply an encouragement to charm the representatives with his repertoire of amusing impressions. In fact, "they" found that his threats to (among others) "take that dog away from you" and howls at Credico that, "You are a rat. A stoolie. You backstab your friends-run your mouth my lawyers are dying Rip you to shreds" amounted to witness tampering.

If past is prologue, though, Stone shouldn't necessarily count on that dangled pardon, and should probably pack his toothbrush.

THEY are clearly DEEEEP STAAAAATE. Although the irony of Roger Stone finally going down for witness tampering with a congressional witness at the very moment when Donald Trump was tampering with Marie Yovanovitch's testimony to Congress was truly peak 2019. And it appears Stone and Trump's allies are continuing their campaign of witness intimidation.

Hey, speaking of mere "process crimes," here's Ken Starr, the guy who tried to get Bill Clinton impeached for lying about a blow job, encouraging Trump to pardon his old pal for lying to Congress, which is a big nothingburger.

What are friends for, right? Incidentally, the Washington Post reports that Stone's longtime buddy, former Trump advisor Michael Caputo, got chucked out of the courtroom "for refusing to stand for the jury after the verdict and — when ordered to do so — turn[ing] his back to the panel." Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

This is all stupid and pathetic, and everything is fucking crazy all the time. So let's just end with an excerpt, via Mother Jones, from prosecutor Michael Marando's closing argument to the jury after Stone's attorney Bruce Rogow dismissed the state's argument by saying, "Much of this case, you have to ask, 'So what?'"

So what? So what? If that's the state of affairs that we're in, I'm pretty shocked. Truth matters. Truth still matters, okay? In our institutions of self-governance, committee hearings, courts of law, truth still matters. Mr. Stone came in and he lied to Congress. He obstructed their investigation and he tampered with a witness, and that matters. You don't look at and you don't say, "So what?"

And they didn't. God bless.

[WaPo / Mother Jones]

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