Romney Actually Did Worse In 2012 Nevada Caucus Than He Did In 2008


Programmed for victory!Here's some more awkward humor from the robot comedy that is Mitt Romney's 2012 ascent to the GOP nomination: Mittens actually did worse on Saturday in the Nevada GOP caucus than he did back in 2008. This time around, "Inevitable Willard" got 50.1%, or a little less than his winning total back in the 2008 Nevada caucus. So, knowing that he was on the way to wrapping up the nomination, his loyal Mormon supporters in rural Nevada decided to ... back off a bit. Another definitive win for the Multimillionaire of Moroni!

Richard Adams at The Guardiansummarizes the excitement:

The final results are in for the Nevada caucuses, nearly two days after the events were held. Mitt Romney finished with 50.1% of the vote – slightly down on his 2008 result in the same state. Newt Gingrich came second with 21.1%, Ron Paul was third on 18.8% and Rick Santorum came in last with 10%.

None of the candidates are showing any signs of dropping out of the GOP race.

Wonkette commenter Tundra Grifter adds this actual insight:

The actual numbers from Nevada are bad for Mittens. There were 32,894 votes in the 2012 caucuses (caucii?) - 44,315 voted in 2008. That's a steep fall-off.

How popular is Mittens? He got 16,486 votes this time vs. 22,646 in 2008. That's a decline of well over 25%.

The more people know him (and the more attack ads they see about him) the less they like him.

It will be funny if Mitt loses the Utah primary, in June, to some write-in Muslim. [The Guardian]


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