Romney Blames Obama For Plant That Closed During Bush Presidency

Romney Blames Obama For Plant That Closed During Bush Presidency

Mitt Romney is touring America for some reason, and on Thursday he was in Lorain, Ohio, at a National Gypsum plant that is no longer open, which he LOVES to do despite the fact that he was complicit in the closure of more things than many presidents. During this sadsack appearance the presumptive/uous Republican nominee said the reason that the plant is no longer open is President Obama and his failed somethings. Curiously, the plant actually closed in 2008, when George W. Bush was president. Then, referring to a speech that Obama gave before the financial crisis even rose up from the earth's bog, Romney said that the President has clearly failed in his inability to, um, predict that that thing would happen, etc.

Well, Talking Points Memo, for one, is pissed!

Romney is well aware that Obama gave that speech just before the economy spun out of control in the fall of 2008 and was hemorrhaging jobs at 750,000 per month when Obama took office. He’s also aware that the economy has added over 3 million jobs under Obama.

As far as whether this is really the time for Romney to ridicule Obama over the economy (it is all he's got), the jury is still out. Gallup, that ornery thing, shows that the most recently people trust Obama over Romney on the economy by a 50 to 42 percent margin, while the latest CBS/NYTimes poll shows the candidates in a dead heat on most issues.

But are we really expected to believe that National Gypsum would reopen in a bonanza of taxpayer-funded celebrations should Romney be elected? Fiscal freaks like Romney haven't really wrapped their heads around such things as how many factories have closed, and how many people that affects, not to mention when the things closed, with budget celebrity Pat Toomey, the Republican from PA, claiming just two days ago that there is really only "a small segment of our society" that can't fend for itself right now, echoing similar statements Romney's made in the past nine months/forever. Like, maybe 12 or 13 people? Pat is not sure. (The number of people living in poverty is 49.1 million, if he wants to know.)

One funny kick that Romney got on at the end of his Gypsum speech: Obama is dishonest!

One of the things I find most disappointing in this president is his lack of willingness to take responsibility himself for his own failures

Which Romney does, whenever he gets a chance!

He laid out what the standards of success would be, and he has failed to meet them. Why does he continue to attack fellow Americans? To find someone else to blame? If I’m president of the United States, with your help, I will tell the truth, I will live with integrity and provide honor in the White House.

What a funny thing to promise, for too many reasons. Also, with your help. We are busy. [TPM, Huffington Post]


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