Romney Campaign Pounces Back With Devastating Ad of Obama Singing Well


The Mitt Romney for President general election campaign, which is finally reaching the hypothetical comedy potential of an entity called the "Mitt Romney for President general election campaign," refuses to back down on its calls for an apology from its rival campaign. "Romney defends calls for an apology over Bain attacks," an actual headline reads today. As all the savvy Beltway insider consultant people will tell you, any candidate who finds himself "defending calls for an apology" is basically a lock to win any election. This is a campaign that's competent, hard-hitting, and always on the offensive. Remember that pathetic "best political ad ever made" YouTube that the Obama campaign released this weekend? Another amateur chess move from the sucky-chesser-in-chief. Because now Romney's campaign has released a much more crushing response ad, that shows Obama singing well, and people enjoying it. What now, Kenyan?

The Romney ad, "Political Payoffs And Middle Class Layoffs," shows the president singing well for a few seconds while the unemployment rate is high. Even worse, it reveals that the Obama campaign funds itself with money from "donors," who congregate at secret gatherings known as "fund-raisers." This hush-hush arrangement flies in the face of the campaign's official story that all of its money is cut from the tanned leather of locally raised unicorn.

And good luck trying to shape the narrative, Obama campaign, when Mitt Romney adds a commanding media presence like Tim Pawlenty to the ticket. "I play hockey," TPAW will say, and everyone will care.



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