Romney, Paul Gain In Clearly Bullshit NH Poll

he needs to chargeA new CNN poll for the New Hampshire Republican primary shows Mitt Romney increasing his lead in the state, with a muttering McCain trailing far in the distance. Romney polled at 33 percent to Walnuts' 18; 9iu11iani fell from 24 percent in the September poll to 16 in the latest. Former viable candidate Fred Thompson -- who I have a strong urge to call Dipshit McGoo right now, no apparent reason -- dropped from 13 to 4 percent in the same period. The beneficiary of some of those points is Ron Paul, whose share jumped from 4 to 8 percent. Paul's campaign, of course, has been aggressively targeting New Hampshire since he was blown up by a $4.3 million "moneybomb" a few weeks ago. On the other hand, we suspect that those four extra percentage points are really counterfeit "Liberty Percentage Points." In other words, we need the government to raid this poll!

Thompson skids while Romney, Paul climb in N.H. poll [CNN]


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