Romney To Students: Just Borrow $20 Thousand From Your Parents And Be An Entrepreneur!

Romney To Students: Just Borrow $20 Thousand From Your Parents And Be An Entrepreneur!

Oh Mitt. Mittele. Bubbeh. Have you ever considered just not talking? Here you are,acting as a human Sominex, and telling an inspirational story about your buddy Jimmy John, and how he had a great idea for a business, so he just borrowed $20,000 from his parents, and the rest was history!

Are you old enough to remember when George H.W. Bush, well into his only term, had a photo op at a grocery store and was wowed by the electric scanner the checker was using? That was considered "out of touch" back then even though it maybe wasn't very fair to expect POTUS to do his own grocery shopping. But here, Der Mittenmonster really seems to believe that everybody's got 20 large lying around to pump into their kids' hot app idea or weed delivery service. You'd think he would know better, since he's been unceasingly slagging Bammerz for causing the US to go into such a terrible Depression by having been president from 2000 to 2008. Maybe Romney thinks "Depression" means the poor only have $30 big in checking? If you're in financial difficulties, fellows, may I suggest cutting the chauffeur to part time, and perhaps R&Ring in Palm Beach instead of the Maldives? Oh well. Let us all eat horsey cake.

We would begin to feel sorry for poor Mitt McDuck, but then, you know, we remember everything that has ever come out of his mouth.

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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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