Romney Wins Super Bowl of Nevada GOP 2012 Politics, Again


Actual Mitt sign in mostly foreclosed Las Vegas suburb, 2008.There was another caucus, apparently! The reason nobody noticed is because it was in Nevada, which is actually home to lots of Republican-voting Mormons. (Take out the corporate prostitution resort of Las Vegas in the southern corner of the state, and Nevada is just a sparsely populated length of mountains and desert right next to Utah.) But Romney is programmed to treat all wins the same, no matter how expected and no matter how few delegates are at stake, so the beaming Mittens will be transported out of Nevada by personal corporate jet with at least 10 delegates but certainly nothing like the 50 he picked up in Florida. The only pressing question is whether a cheap Huffington Post gimmick like putting "Super Bowl" in the headline will increase the page views for this post.

The picture you see above is a real "Mitt Romney campaign sign" photograph, from a Nevada stucco ghetto in 2008! It was the only political sign your editor saw after miles and miles of driving slowly through the decimated housing tracts, many already abandoned by their underwater mortgage holders early in 2008. (Las Vegas and Clark County lean heavily to the Democratic side, which also holds a 50,000-voter registration lead statewide.)

There was no Democratic contest this time around, so we were spared the dumb chaos of another "Casino Caucus." So, there was no real contest at all. Mitt Romney, because he worships a space alien also worshiped by many people in the neighboring state of Utah, easily won Nevada's GOP caucus. These are the important issues that will decide everything, maybe, until the real space aliens arrive, later this year.

Now that there's no "plausible" way for the Newt or anyone but Romney to win the GOP nomination, Gingrich is (of course) predicting he will seal it up by Texas, when Mittens will withdraw in a rare display of personal shame. [Washington Post]


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