Ron DeSantis Brandons Himself

Ron DeSantis after he made the one official joke of Republicans.

We actually were happy for Republicans for a minute when they got their "Let's Go Brandon" joke. They never have a joke that's all theirs. Usually they are the joke. But just like they do with everything else, they overdid it.

We understand that they are excited to have a joke, and that it's their one joke. (The least emotionally mature of them are passing around a gay joke about Pete Buttigieg, which means those folks have two jokes.) (Wait wait, they have three jokes, because sometimes they "identify as" something they are not, because trans people exist! So that is three very good jokes.) And we understand that when you only have one joke, that any time somebody says "Hey do a joke," you really have no choice except to be like "Argle bargle poop scratch banjo strummin' BRANDON!" Can't hardly criticize 'em for doing that when they only have one joke.

But good lord, this is the governor of Florida. Obviously when you're dealing with the modern-day authoritarian shitbag GOP, holding a position of honor doesn't actually mean anything, but there was a time when politicians on both sides would have considered this sort of display beneath them.

In case you are unable to watch the short video, here is what happens, or at least we imagine this is how the brain of one of the paste-eating pig people in the audience might describe what happened.

AUDIENCE IDIOT BRAIN: Oh boy, boy howdy, oh boy! I reckon! Ron DeSantis just made the Brandon joke! He called the Biden administration the "Brandon administration." SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! That's funny!

And then we all yelled the Brandon joke together, because it's the funny joke we all have together! The Brandon joke!

It goes like "Let's go, Brandon!" Ain't that a great joke?

It is the best joke because, you, see it REALLY stands for "fuck you Biden" but instead we say "Let's go Brandon," and that's pretty funny! I don't know why people say jokes aren't funny if you have to explain them and say GET IT? GET IT? GET IT? BRANDON? GET IT?

See? Pretty funny!

In the good old days we Republicans had more jokes but they all had the "N"-word in them and my grandchildren won't come visit when I tell those. My grandchildren is CANCEL CULTURE and I hate them.

The end.

We imagine that's how Uncle Cowfucker in the audience might explain what went down in that video.

In other DeSantis news, he went on "Fox & Friends" this morning and made that stupid expression that's permanently affixed to his chubby little face while he allowed a young girl next to him to spout off conspiracy theories about masks. Wonder what loser adults filled her innocent head with such fuckin' nonsense.

OPEN THREAD, we are just done with this day.

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