NBC News Thought Yesterday's Ron DeSantis Delaware Stunt Was So Hot, Like Ooh, Fly Us Somewhere, Governor!

NBC News Thought Yesterday's Ron DeSantis Delaware Stunt Was So Hot, Like Ooh, Fly Us Somewhere, Governor!

Yesterday's Ron DeSantis bullshit was a whole new level of tedious and obnoxious. Word had leaked that the same plane that human trafficked kidnapped Venezuelan migrants from Texas to Martha's Vineyard would be on a similar trajectory, this time going to Georgetown, Delaware, near Rehoboth Beach, where the Bidens have their beach house. A number of indicators pointed to the notion that this would be the next phase of DeSantis's little fascist troll baby lib-owning operation.

YESTERDAY'S BULLSHIT! Ron DeSantis Gonna Sneak Attack Plane Of Migrants At Delaware Today. OR IS HE?

So Delaware flew into action, on the local and state level, to make sure that if frightened people kidnapped by the hamster-cheeked governor of Florida landed there, they'd be ready to help, the way good people do.

But then the plane didn't show up, and DeSantis wouldn't say either way whether a plane was coming, and everybody was completely being jerked around, and literally fucking anybody could see what was happening. The suspense was part of the cruelty and the cruelty is the point. And on top of that, it certainly appeared as if the plan might have come to a screeching halt because DeSantis isn't anywhere near as smart as he thinks he is, people know his game now, the plan leaked, and he lost the element of surprise.

We called it in our piece yesterday, while the bullshit was ongoing, before the plane ultimately went to New Jersey with no migrants onboard. Again, it was relatively easy to figure out, for anybody with a brain who isn't for some reason seeing stars in their underpants over what a brilliant boy Ron DeSantis is.

NBC News and its reporters Marc Caputo and Lauren Egan didn't fare so well. (We're blaming Caputo. Tell you why below the fold.)

Headline: 'Punked': DeSantis keeps White House, Delaware and media guessing on migrant flight plans.

Oh really, NBC News? Was this like "Punked"? Did DeSantis keep the White House and Delaware and the whole media guessing? And should we put that in our headline? Are we just abso-fucking-lutely swooning right now?

As you will see, Caputo — we're gonna blame him mostly for this, because he's Mr. Uber Florida Reporterwho's been called "a very good friend of mine" and "a very honest reporter" by none other than Roger Stone; the piece says he did the Florida part of the reporting, while Egan did the Delaware part — is just abso-fucking-lutely swooning right now.

Ian Millhiser from Vox tweeted that he was "genuinely shook by the callousness of every framing decision that went into this article."

Take thee a gander:

Earlier in the day, DeSantis stoked the coals of speculation ...

Oh, did he "stoke the coals"? Them's some action verbs, fit for an action hero like Ron DeSantis!

inan intentional effort to keep the issue alive,said a source familiar with the governor's thinking who discussed the plans anonymously to speak candidly.

The entire article is premised around the following quote from this anonymous source. Please take bets whether it is 1) Ron DeSantis, 2) Ron DeSantis using a fake name like Donald Trump did in the 1980s, 3) Ron DeSantis's vile asshole spox Christina Pushaw, or 4) Ron DeSantis's mom, who's just so proud of her boy and doesn't understand why the school is always calling and saying her precious darling snowflake Ronald is the problem.

“He didn’t tell anyone and purposely left people in the dark. So technically the media, the Democrats, everyone got punked who decided to heed some s--- on Twitter instead of waiting for confirmation from the governor’s office," the source said. "The entire point of this is to put a spotlight on the border. It’s what the governor has said.”

There it is. The entire source material for the slobbering article. Ron DeSantis was so smart. Ron DeSantis punked everybody. Ron DeSantis is a legitimate political actor and not just a fascist hack who's literally kidnapping innocent people right now in order to try to own the libs based on white supremacist fantasies about what the libs will really do if you throw brown-skinned people at them.

PUNKED! Human Trafficker Ron DeSantis Might've Broken The Law With All His Human Trafficking

Ron DeSantis Sticks It To Martha's Vineyard Libs, By Throwing Terrified Migrant People At Them

While NBC News was busy laundering quotes from Ron DeSantis’s mom, did they think to look into whether the plan didn't come to fruition because people are on to DeSantis's little Nazi game now and it leaked?

Negatory, it appears. Caputo was too busy putting posters of DeSantis on his ceiling.

The “Waiting for Godot”-like spectacle Tuesday highlighted the intractable politics around immigration

It was downright theatrical!

as well as DeSantis’ knack for getting headlines

Is there anything he can't do?

The flight plans filed Monday night showed the plane would leave San Antonio, with Delaware as its final destination, and the itinerary was quickly picked up on Twitter. But the plans were changed Tuesday, with full awareness that doing so would cause public confusion. Florida officials didn’t reveal any details about the flight or say whether it was carrying migrants to keep both the story and the immigration issue front and center.

Yes, "immigration" is definitely what we are talking about. The only thing this story is missing is a "mission accomplished" banner and a codpiece.

Absolute garbage.

NBC News should feel bad for hiring this shit from Politico.

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