Ron Johnson, Stop Trying To Make Burisma Happen. This Season's Story Is That Biden Is A Socialist BLM Antifa!
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The Senate's dumbest Republican is also the Senate's least subtle Republican.


Probably not. But his hometown paper the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has helpfully compiled a list of times when Senator Ron Johnson shouted I AM ABUSING MY OFFICE TO CONDUCT A POLITICAL HIT ON JOE BIDEN WITH THE HELP OF RUSSIAN SPIES! Or words to that effect.

Last month, he promised a rightwing radio host that his work as chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee "would certainly help Donald Trump win reelection and certainly be pretty good, I would say, evidence about not voting for Vice President Biden."

"What our investigations are uncovering, I think, will reveal that this is not somebody that we should be electing president of the United States," he told another talk show host this week.

And on a Monday teleconference with his GOP colleagues, Johnson predicted a killing blow from his committee, saying, "Stay tuned. In about a week we're going to learn a whole lot more of Vice President Biden's unfitness for office." He plans to release an interim report just before the first debate on September 29. Sneaky!

Johnson's not even pretending to be conducting legitimate government business. This is a pro-Trump disinformation campaign, funded by taxpayer dollars, relying on Russian propaganda, and deliberately timed to deliver an October surprise à la FBI Director James Comey's infamous reopening of the Clinton email investigation five minutes before the polls opened.

"We've got to speed it up, because we've got an election coming," he told Fox News in August. Yeah, dude, we heard you the first thousand times.

Even Johnson's Republican colleagues are backing away in horror. In December, then-Intelligence Committee Chair Richard Burr warned Johnson that he was airing Russian disinformation and playing right into Putin's hands. Current Chair Marco Rubio told Johnson to get bent, because he wasn't sharing transcripts of closed-door interviews from his committee's Russia investigation so Johnson could repurpose them for a pro-Kremlin attack this cycle. And although Mitt Romney voted to authorize Johnson to subpoena multiple officials such as Comey and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper about the origins of the Russia investigation, he drew the line at subpoenas relating to Johnson's Biden-Ukraine hit, saying it was "not the legitimate role of government, for Congress or for taxpayer expense, to be used in an effort to damage political opponents."

Johnson's crackpot theory — which just so happens to align with the Russian propaganda Rudy Giuliani has been laundering with his pals at OANN — is that Biden discouraged the Ukrainian government from investigating the owner of Burisma, a company that employed his son Hunter Biden, insisting that the investigating prosecutor be fired or the country would face a loss of US aid. The problem with this theory is that the IMF, the EU, the entire US government, and even Ron Johnson himself also insisted that this prosecutor had to go.

Johnson has called former State Department envoy Amos Hochstein, who worked closely with Biden on Ukraine, to testify before the committee today. According to NBC, Hochstein has consistently maintained that US policy was never altered to benefit Burisma, or its owner Mykola Zlochevsky. In fact just the opposite, with the Obama administration urging the Ukrainian government to go after Zlochevsky in 2015. But who are you gonna believe, a guy who was in the room when it happened, or a literal Russian spy like Andrii Derkach, who's been feeding info to Johnson and Devin Nunes via his pal Andrii Telizhenko?

That's a trick question! Because you are presumably not a vicious little treasonweasel like Ron Johnson. But if you were, you'd take information from skeevy chancers like Andrii Telizhenko, who invented the "Ukraine is the Real Collusion" lie, and run with it despite clear and persistent warnings from the FBI and US intelligence agencies that he and his buddy Andrii Derkach are part of a Russian influence campaign to swing the 2020 presidential election against Joe Biden.

Hell, here's FBI Director Chris Wray saying it today.

Even OANN knows the jig is up. But not our Ron, who's still trying to fornicate with the barnyard fowl.

But don't worry, Ron Johnson has an answer for anyone accusing him of laundering Russian disinformation, and it is HILLARY CLINTON.

"You can say this is corrosive to our politics, these investigations, but what's corrosive to our politics is when we have two totally different systems of justice where Hillary Clinton and Democrats — they just never face the music. They never get indicted," he complained to the Journal Sentinel. "They don't get investigated well. But a Republican — we end up trying to impeach him over a phone call between two presidents that never should have even seen the light of day."

Here on Planet Earth, the Justice Department, which is run by Bill "Political Interference Is My Middle Name" Barr, just gave up trying to indict someone over Hillary Clinton's emails in January of 2020. Hillary Clinton left the State Department in 2013!

Oh, also, Ron Johnson has to conduct a political hit on Joe Biden because the media made him do it.

"What's corrosive is ... also the massive bias in the media that refuses to point out all the accomplishments of this administration and only focuses on tweets and false narratives," Johnson continued.

So! In summary and in conclusion, Ron Johnson is laundering Russian propaganda to help Trump get reelected, he's admitting it publicly, and he has to do it because the media reports on all the crazy shit the president tweets.

If this guy were competent, he might really be dangerous.

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