Ron Paul a Massive Jesuser

eff the slavesSince his dipshit performance on Sunday's Meet the Press, former decent human being Ron Paul's own Paultardation has been soaring to new vistas. He's also, however, a well-known Jesuser -- so Jesusery, in fact, that he doesn't believe in evolution! Like teh Huckbeez! Can these people even breathe with all that batshit in their mouths?

In a YouTube video from last week, Paul takes a breather from the usual "BWAH bwah NAFTA highway taxes INFLATION TAXES bwah BWAH" to discuss his ardent support for the Crazy (via Carpetbagger):

Audience member: I saw you in one of the earlier debates, all of the candidates were asked if they believe the theory of evolution to be true and they had a show of hands, but I didn't see which way you voted, and I was wondering if you believe it to be true, and should it be taught in our schools.

Paul: First, I thought it was a very inappropriate question, you know, for the presidency to be decided on a scientific matter. And I, um, I think it's a theory, theory of evolution, and I don't accept it, you know, as a theory.... I just don't think we're at a point where anybody has absolute proof, on either side.

Ron Paul, of course, is a semi-retired OB-GYN, so I asked colleague Megan Carpentier how this general hatred of science struck her:

Megan: just the kind of doc i want peering at my lady bits

Jim: omg imagine if ron paul was your gynecologist



Megan: i wish to want to have sex again!

Megan: [whimpers}


Megan: [crosses legs]

Megan: i do not wish to imagine ron paul's hands or face anywhere near my catbag

Megan: [begins to cry quietly]

Jim: it's kind of like imagining cynthia mckinnon as my urologist

Megan: mckinney

Megan: but, yes

Jim: whatever

Jim: crazy bitch

Megan: her finger up your bum

Megan: turn your head and cough

Jim: then she SLAPS your balls

So hopefully that was enlightening. GO RON PAUL 2008!!!!!

Yet another GOP candidate rejects modern biology [Carpetbagger Report]

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