And they all wonder why we think they're weirdTim Russert had Ron Paul on Meet the Press this weekend to help confirm for the public (including my dad, who voted for Ross Perot in 1992) that Ron Paul is a complete fucking idiot. Bring on the spam, people, I said it. He, um, also suggested that the government should've bought more slaves and shit (and we've got video after the jump)

So, Ron Paul, he of the desire to reduce the size of government programs and lower taxes and shit, thinks the Civil War (or, as they call it in the South, the "War of Northern Aggression") was stupid. If freeing the slaves was so damn important to us Northerners, we should have just BOUGHT THE SLAVES FROM THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA. Ron Paul thinks the government should've just spent all your ancestors' tax money to buy all the slaves from all the slave-owners rather than going to war because war is bad, people. Also, seceding from the United States was apparently ok.

In other Ron Paul gems, he unsurprisingly would've voted against the Civil Rights Act because it was, like, totes unnecessary. It hurt liberty more than it helped because it should be your right to be a racist fucktard on your own property and keep black people from your lunch counter and shit. The federal government should, like, totally not step on your PROPERTY RIGHTS when it comes to how you want to treat black people, because it's totally akin to how states banning smoking in restaurants is a violation of your property rights. Does anyone else want to feel deeply uncomfortable about an old Southern guy using the phrase "property rights" repeatedly when talking about civil rights for African-Americans? Then view the full Crazy below.

Just so you know, if he doesn't get the Republican nod, he'll probably continue running as an Independent. Freedom's on the march, people, as long as you aren't black, apparently.

Paul Won't Rule Out Run as Independent [Washington Post]


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