Ron Paul Just Wants To Go Home

paulbike.jpgTo throw his kindly (wo)men-about-town supporters a bone, Ron Paul has said he'll stay in the race through Super Tuesday on Feb. 5, basically because he kind of has to. But in speaking to the AP after an Iowa event Monday, Paul seemed to wish that he had all this money maybe several months ago. After all, it's nearly bag-packing time for the second and third tier of candidates.

The War on Paultards has reached such a pitch that we're starting to feel sympathy for Ron Paul. He's still polling shit everywhere, and as his "strength" on the Internet grows, the real humans populating earth continue to not care. Doesn't he seem to know this?:

"We have the support, the momentum and the money," Paul told The Associated Press after an event in downtown Des Moines.

Paul said he'd stay in the race at least until Feb. 5, when two dozen states hold contests.

"Nobody would understand if I faded out before Feb. 5," he said. (emphasis ours)

Aww, we'd understand Ron. Your batshit crazy base might not, but that's their fault: throwing six million dollar bills at a boulder in December won't make it go uphill.

Ron Paul Tops $6 Million in One Day [AP]


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