Ron Paul Logo Guy: If Anything, Mitt Romney Stole Our Logo


UH OH, THE 2012 CAMPAIGN IS HEATING UP! On Tuesday, your editor made fun of Ron Paul'snew fleeing eagle logo and alleged that the campaign stole their red-white-and-blue swoosh from Mitt Romney's campaign, who had, we found earlier, stolen his swoosh from the Aquafresh logo. But according to some 21-year-old with an Etsy named Skylar Hartman, he designed Paul's logo months ago and presented it to the little old libertarian man in an open letter, and Ron Paul apparently replied, "Sure, I'll take your free logo, whatever." Ron Paul did not steal Mitt Romney's logo; if anything, Romney took Paul's logo from this Skylar kid. Scandal! What will the voters of New Hampshire think of THIS controversy? Will they now slightly prefer boring utter loser Ron Paul to boring utter loser Mitt Romney?!?!?!?!?!

from: Skylar Hartman


date: Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 4:47 PM

subject: Re: Ron Paul Logo

Dear Jack Stuef,

I appreciate your criticism on both the Ron Paul and Mitt Romney logos however you are spreading false information by suggesting that Ron Paul's logo was ripped and/or stolen from Mitt Romney's Exploratory Committee Campaign logo. I'm the creator of the brand design for Ron Paul which I created a couple of months ago and submitted, publicly, on my website ( If anyone stole anything it would have been Romney, however I believe he has better things to do and more character than to take another designers logo. I would ask that you please correct your article as it contains errors.


Skylar Hartman

Hartman Collective

Our favorite part of this letter is how "take another designers logo" implies that Mitt Romney is a graphic designer. Ha! That sort of thing is way too exciting and is thus banned by the Mormon church. And even if he wanted to do some graphic design, Mitt broke the family Gateway when he strapped it onto the dog on the roof of the car and it crashed onto the road, so they don't own a computer anymore.

Because Skylar Hartman of the Hartman Collective (yes, we got this e-mail from the big man at Hartman himself!) says he made this logo only two months ago, it's conceivable that Romney's people actually made theirs first. But we're not going to look into this, because seriously, who gives a fuck? Even if we did care, THE SWOOSH WAS STILL STOLED FROM AQUAFRESH.

The Hartman Collective's website is worth a look though, just to see into the brain of an ernest young Ron Paul fan:

Surely the wingnuts who vote in Republican primaries will be glad to know the red, white, and blue all have a whole new meaning dictated to them by Ron Paul. They will really appreciate that. They always like it when people redefine America for them.


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