hof is also rush limbaughThe unfortunately monied Ron Paul campaign has been dumping its cash into New Hampshire recently, where he might lose by only 20 points. But the kook and his band of well-behaved, admirable supporters are now looking at Nevada, which holds the third Republican primary. Paul went to Vegas this week, where he was swamped by legions of 3-D laser spambot manifestations at several rallies. And among his celebrity guests yesterday was Denis Hof, owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel, accompanied by two prostitutes. For serious.

Hof's brothel is the subject of the HBO reality series Cathouse, which this Wonkette editor has absolutely never seen before. Anyway, we're still trying to place the ludicrousness of Hof's endorsement of Paul among the various Mike Huckabee endorsers. Given this insight from a 2001 New Yorker profile of Hof, however, he's maybe one tier above Ric Flair.

Go ahead and shatter, earth: The "Colonel Sanders of prostitution" is a Paultard.


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