Rory Reid, the Nevada Democrat who is trying to succeed Jim Gibbons as Governor of Good Decisions, has launched his first campaign ad, and itsomehow fails to mention his last name, which is strange, considering it is also the name of Nevada's longtime senior senator, Harry Reid. Why in the world would Rory Reid forget to include his surname in his campaign ad? Isn't that kind of important? Wouldn't he also want to remind Nevadans of his father's legacy?

And look at his website. No mention of his last name? Perhaps that is an important biographical detail to include in your campaign biography, the fact that you have parents and were not sent to Nevada from another planet two months ago to be their space governor. "Rory, 47, grew up in Nevada." You don't say!

This man is probably not Hillary Clinton. Probably. He probably does not have the sort of name recognition to allow himself to go around without a surname, insinuating that he is the Nevada Selena.

It turns out that Rory Reid owns the domain name Yet his official website is Mysterious.

It's also funny how the Rory 2010 website refers to all other human beings with their last names, yet not him. Is Rory Reid better than other humans?

The only explanation is that Rory Reid is very, very charismatic, and once Nevadans see him speak, they will only need his first name to remember him. Here he is at the end of his first ad, following some of the top children who have endorsed him:

[youtube expand=1]

Oh. Yeah, he definitely killed his father and is not using his last name in the hope that nobody will notice. [The Hill]


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