Just because it's been a while (there just haven't been any good ones!), here's Rose Kennedy Schlossberg, granddaughter of JFK, Harvard class of '10, in a picture from her Facebook gallery:


Now we have no proof that there's anything illicit going on here (water pipes are for tobacco, as we all know, and Ms. Schlossberg recently turned 18). Just as we have no proof that, in the picture after the jump, the lovely young lady is not simply holding a bottle of what could easily be juice. And with her family history, we kind of hope it is.

Update: It does appear to be a legitimate hookah -- and yeah, that means probably tobacco. The other stuff gums up the works. Still more proof that the second picture depicts young Rose proudly and legally imbibing unfermented grape juice, possibly Welch's.


Rose Schlossberg [Facebook]


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