Rosie Ups From Gross Grainy Video To Primetime Politics Show

what can be said?The New York Times reported today that MSNBC is in talks to give a primetime show to Rosie O'Donnell, whose previous credits include a 9-month stint on ABC's The View, where she kept having vagina fits with co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck, an ardent and enthusiastic warmonger. Also, Tucker Carlson might get dumped for shitty ratings.

MSNBC is weighing the time slot options, but one would place her at 9 p.m. -- immediately following spittle-mouthed Chris Matthews at 7pm and Letterman pal Keith Olbermann at 8pm. MSNBC's new tactic, it appears, is to have no one watch their network, but perhaps that's just some new PR magic brewed up by evil geniuses of Madison Avenue.

On the other hand, Rosie could also fill the 6 p.m. slot currently held by Fucker Carlson. Although most Americans watch Tucker religiously at 5 p.m. on E! -- oh right, 6, MSNBC, forgot -- an anonymous NBC executive told the Times that the show "is in real danger of being canceled." This will easily be the biggest MSNBC programming news for at least a year, until Rosie is fired for eating Andrea Mitchell's nose on air during election night.

Cable Channel Nods to Ratings and Leans Left [NYT]


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