* For starters, Barack Obama is a man. And he's also black. [WP]

* While before there were a bunch of hacks, an idiot and sociopath working at the White House, now there are just the hacks and the idiot. [NYT]

* Hillary has taken the lesson of Karl Rove to heart and will soon be in the White House making things worse. [WP]

* Karl leaves Washington waving his arms around and babbling nonsense. [Politico]

* Rudy is going to stop all the Mexicans from coming into the country most likely by forming some kind of roving death-squad. [LAT]

* The right is finding that their bloggers are pretty great and endlessly repeating the things they're told to say. [WT]

* And if you haven't heard by now, Congress is going to be getting just a wee bit slimmer. [NYT]


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