AWKWARDHuzzah, the merciful Angel Maroni has spoken to Mitt Romney and instructed him to lobby hard for the Vice Presidential nod, making a comical jackass of himself as he attempts to become the running mate of the man who despises him above all others. And now two Republican party elders have joined Romney in this embarrassing quest: Karl Rove and former President George Bush.

A "well-informed, highly placed Republican insider" says that both of these pillars of the party think McCain should suck it up and partner with the loathsome creep he mocked endlessly and publicly during the primary season. Why? Because Mitt Romney is relatively young and handsome and knows about the economy. All of these factors could boost the ratings of a demented old cripple who still tries to pay for his Dulcolax in wooden nickles.

On the other hand, should McCain not serve out his first term, Mitt Romney would then be president, and this seems to be giving pretty much everybody pause.

Anyway, Romney is being totally gauche and crass by talking about how much he wants to be Vice President on the news and things, and anybody who wants the job that badly probably shouldn't have it.

Heilemann: Rove and Poppy Back Romney's Pushy Campaign for VP Slot [New York magazine]


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