Rove Caught Canoodling?

Yesterday, Radar "reported" and today the NY Daily News picks up the cotton-candy strands of a rumor involving Karl Rove and a "comely lobbyist." We're unfamiliar with this whole "journalism" thing, but if this is how it's done, we're lowering our standards immediately.

Apparently, the two are "close friends" and she "often appears at Rove's side at parties." Also, he got her a cushy gig somewhere. Clearly, they're fucking. And, wait, couldn't you also observe that Rove is "close friends" with Bush? And often appears at his side at parties? Oh, and talk about getting someone a cushy gig! By these criteria, not only is Bush having an affair with Rove, but Washington is basically one big messy wet fragrant orgy. We're never leaving the house again.

Look, we'd love to believe the worst about Rove -- and we totally do! Between fixing elections, smearing rivals and slaughtering puppies, he probably doesn't have the time to sleep around. The idea that Karl Rove is having an affair is, in reality, most likely the product of wishful thinking. Karl's, probably.

A Fork In The Rove? [Radar]

Eyes of Texas are on Rove & lobbyist [NYDN]


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