Exposure is not a crime - WonketteLast April, AU student Joel Gardner mooned Karl Rove. Last weekend, he was informed that the Secret Service had a warrant out for his arrest. For "disorderly conduct and crossing a police barrier." Today brought some good news:

According to our very own Intern Greg, Gardner and the other wanted students have secured legal counsel (it's a secret tho! shhhh!) and the Post is apparently working on a story on the case. Gardner and the other have been advised to avoid the media for the time being, but blogs don't count. As to why it took the Secret Service so long to decide to go after these rogue mooners and layers-in-front-of-cars, well, maybe Karl decided to use his last day on the job to go after everyone who ever bugged him over the last couple years. Look out, school kids who pulled up in a bus to heckle him at home -- you're all enemy combatants!

If you'd like to support our fundamental right to show our tight asses to whomever we wish, maybe you'd like to buy the commemorative t-shirt? Or, you know, just expose yourself to Dirk Kempthorne or something.

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