Rove Mooner Wanted by the Secret Service

Hey, Intern Greg broke a story! Back in April, Karl Rove spoke at American University and some hippies yelled at him and some of them even mooned him. This was one of the millions of goofy protests college students engage in across the country when they're not too high to leave their dorm rooms, and it happened months ago, so everyone had forgotten about it. Except the Secret Service!

Mooner Joel Gardner got an off bit of news this weekend:

On Friday, Gardner and the rest of the group were notified by AU's Dean of Students that the Secret Service has issued warrants for their arrest. Details are scarce because nobody seems to know what the fuck is going on and we couldn't get the Dean on the phone on a Sunday, but Gardner and presumably all the others are being charged with crossing a police line and disorderly conduct.

"I'm trying to decide whether Monday or Wednesday is a better day to turn myself in," Gardner said. "I'm not doing it tomorrow. I guess it'll be Wednesday."

This is a shocking lesson for us all: there apparently are some young college boy asses Republicans don't want to see.

Karl Rove to spend retirement persecuting AU students who showed him their asses [Culture Warrior]

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