Roxanne Roberts: She Knows When To Hold 'Em, When To Fold 'Em

In case you haven't noticed, around here we have an obsession with Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts, who write the Post's Reliable Source column. (Heck, we even sent them a Valentine's Day card.) Perhaps it's because they're a lot like us: a pair of wild 'n crazy, gossip-obsessed Washingtonians -- except they have 401(k) plans, a spiffy new gym, and breasts.

We've always been interested in learning more about how they work. And today we learned a little more about that subject.

Check out today's Reliable Source write-up of the exclusive poker game we told you about earlier this week. We hear that the reporting was done by Roxanne Roberts (who was missing earlier this week, but apparently was just out on assignment). Roxanne writes: "[Poker champ Chris] Ferguson, 42, settles at a table surrounded by poker groupies half his age dying to go head-to-head, then race home and blog about it." Ah, but isn't that exactly what Roxanne did -- race home and write it up for the Post?

Actually, no -- Roxanne filed on Thursday, for Friday's paper, even though the party took place on Wednesday. Moseyed home would be more like it! (Hey, we're not criticizing; we do late party write-ups around here too.)

poker%20game%20with%20roxanne%20roberts.jpg"So your nickname is Jesus, as in the prophet -- spelled J-E-S-U-S, is that right?"

Okay, so maybe bloggers can beat Roxanne in the "speedy filing" department. But when it comes to poker, she's a formidable foe. We understand that she did very well for herself on Wednesday night. If a player got busted, they had to relinquish their seat at the table; Roxanne stayed seated the whole time.

Before we get all jealous of Amy and Roxanne, for the various perks they enjoy as MSM reporters, here's one thing worth noting: apparently Roxanne had to take her own pictures at Wednesday night's event. The picture in the Post bears her the photo credit. And if you check out this video (available here) of Chris "Jesus" Ferguson slicing a carrot with a card, you can see Roxanne darting in at the end to get her shot. Nice job, Roxie!

(Amy and Rox: If you ever need a photographer to cover events with you, we recommend Wonkette photoblogger Liz Gorman, Intrepid Girl Reporter. Just don't steal her away from us!)

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