Roy Moore Kicks Ass

Alabama Judge Roy Moore has shyly stepped into the limelight today with the publication of his memoir, "So Help Me God," fortuitously scheduled to coincide with the Supreme Court's hearing on Moore's decision to put a two-ton sculpture of the Ten Commandments in the state courthouse. It's a revealing look at this incredibly private man and we can't decide what our favorite part is. Is it "Fight Club"-esque recollections of boxing while at West Point? ("[M]oney, accent, speech and sophistication became meaningless...During boxing class I may have been bloodied, but I never quit.") Is it his contention that Karl Rove is out to get him? (Maybe Karl just hates anyone named "Moore"?) Or, most likely, it's that this Bible-thumping loon, after an early run for office, took up kick boxing. (Sport of the future.) We love this guy: Discipline obsessed, paranoid, homophobic, and mildly masochistic. Maybe we can get him a date with Jeff Gannon.

Moore writes of 'sinister enemies' in book (second item) [Birmingham Post-Herald]


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