Royal Family Members Who Live Like ... Nah, Not Today. Tabs, Thurs., Jan. 7, 2021

Royal Family Members Who Live Like ... Nah, Not Today. Tabs, Thurs., Jan. 7, 2021
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Just the White House Counsel telling staff to stay away from Trump lest they help him commit treason. — Vanity Fair

It's Our First Ever Coup Attempt. There's No Doubt Who's Behind It.

When he began to warn of a rigged election even in 2016, he had insurrection in mind. In the run up to this year's election he did the same. What is more, he did not do it alone. The GOP and Fox News and Breitbart and OANN were not simply apologists. They took up the cause.

Eighteen state attorneys general participated in his effort to challenge the election results. Batteries of lawyers peddled lunatic and discredited conspiracy theories. And even as they lost in court after court, they did the damage Trump sought. They cast doubt on legitimate results. They created a fog in which millions of Americans became confused about what to believe.

So all the disinformation and inflammatory remarks, all the seditious plans and phases of the coup attempt to date led to today. Trump's rally. Trump's mob. Trump supporters attacking democracy from within the chambers of the House and Senate. Trump thugs storming the Capitol and assaulting its history and its traditions and the rule of law in America and everything that the building has stood for.

David Rothkopf at Daily Beast

Ohhh but Ken Paxton says nuh uh?

So case closed I guess!

Kansas City Star spitting FIRE at Sen. Josh Hawley, fascist.

The US senators who were expelled from the body for conspiring against the United States. (Washington Post)

Who will be our Smedley Butler In Trump's Plot to Seize the White House? My brother and I were going to write a book about Smedley Butler, Marine Corps Most Best Hero, but looks like this guy is doing it instead, cool. I'm very busy and tired all the time, you know. (Jonathan Myerson Katz substack)

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley think you're stupid. — Hayes Brown at MSNBC

Donald Trump's Last Picture Show:

"I'll be watching," the president said.

President Trump said it at a rally of his supporters Wednesday, about the proceedings in which he was demanding that Congress toss out the results of an election that he lost. At a rally where his lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani called for "trial by combat." At a rally where the crowd chanted "Fight! For! Trump! Fight! For! Trump!" At a rally where he said he would lead a march to the Capitol to "cheer on" legislators — though in the end he quickly returned to the White House.

"I'll be watching," he said, "because history is going to be made."

— TV critic James Poniewozik at New York Times

Trumpism in Action: The Capitol Riot. — Harold Meyerson at The American Prospect

Rudy Giuliani is the fucking worst at this. (The Dispatch)

For no reason I can think of, here is the current Cabinet of Donald Trump. (Wikipedia)

OK I'm out.

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