Ruby Tuesday SO Hot Right Now, Apparently! Your Weekly Top Ten

Feed the baby the soups!

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Oh look, it is an old picture of Wonkette Baby Donna Rose eating soup, like a lady! Why are we showing you this old picture? Because it's cute, OBVIOUSLY, and also Wonkette WENT VIRAL AGAIN, just like we did with the story about Barry Bamz making sex faces at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but this time it was a story about how Ruby Tuesday is a super duper dick of a company, what neglects to pay its servers even the meagerest of moneys for work they actually do. And it's being sued!

Is Wonkette Baby eating soup at Ruby Tuesday? Quelle horreur! She is more dignified than that.

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Look, a puppy!

Shall we now count down the top ten stories of the week, chosen as usual by Beyoncé, ALLEGEDLY? Yes we shall!

1. Seriously, that Ruby Tuesday story. VIRAL. Read it if you haven't!

2. This week's Off The Menu was a bunch of stories that fall under the subcategory of "WTF."

3. Donald Trump had some opinions on his one-year-old daughter's tits, because OF COURSE he did.

4. Fox News dumbass Brian Kilmeade is pretty sure Obama just called him stupid.

5. White idiots with guns meet Black Panthers with guns, immediately retreat, and then declare victory. Cool story, bro!

6. Maine Gov. Paul LePage will teach Democrats lesson, by refusing to swear any of them in. Great plan!

7. Domino's customer OUTRAGED after employee asked them nicely to stop being a total dick.

8. Hero servers tell their boss to take her crap anti-minimum wage op-ed and shove it. Yes, Pinkham wrote half of the top ten stories this week.

9. This week's Duggar recap had a creepy dad and a boring shower game, but still no Josh Duggar.

10. And finally, Scott Baio spending all his free time (and he has a LOT of it) yelling "Trump!" at innocent Starbucks baristas.

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OK bye.



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