Rudy & Barry Both Hate Your Pets

George Washington and his pets, 1789 - WonketteAnother fun way to choose a president is, of course, to find out what sort of pets they have -- or in the case of animal haters Barry Hussein Obama and Rudy Giuliani, what pets they don't have.

Chris Dodd and Mitt Romney are also pet free at the moment, but they qualify it: DoddPod doesn't have an animal because somebody in his family is allergic, and the Romneys' recently lost their beloved Weimaraner. Something tragic obviously happened in the Tancredo household (Mexicans?), as his campaign tersely stated that Tom "no longer has a pet."

The most shocking revelation is amongst Walnuts! McCain's menagerie: Besides turtles, dogs, birds and fish, the McCain Family also owns a pet ferret. You may recall that Giuliani hates ferrets almost as much as he loves abortions. This means war!

Candidates and Their Pets [Washington Post]


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