Rudy Giuliani: Americans Deserve To Hear My Easily Debunked Russian Spy Lies!

Rudy Giuliani, the problem for him is when he talks. And he can't stop! While Trump-defending lackeys like Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe were rushing to swear on the Bible that Rudy's extra-special Hunter Biden laptops were not so either part of a Russian disinformation op (looks like they are!), Rudy was like, "The chance that Derkach is a Russian spy" — Andrii Derkach, the guy several Trump officialshave identified as a Russian spy, and also conduit for Rudy's intel — "is no better than 50/50." Which are pretty strong odds!

And now he's opened that thin-lipped mouth of his again.

As the Daily Beast explains, Rudy went on AM1100's The Flag, which is a radio show in North Dakota, because we guess he'll talk to anybody who books him, and said he happens to know his intel on Hunter Biden is "100 percent true" — you know, because the 50/50 Russian spy told him so — but even if it's a total lie, the American people deserve to hear the lies, otherwise you have tyranny!

Which ... is not how any of this works. But OK, Roodles the Clown, sure, why not!

Appearing on AM1100 The Flag, a North Dakota radio show, the former New York City mayor grumbled about social media companies initially restricting access to the Post stories, saying it "reminds me of the communist and the Nazis." From there, he said the story should be spread regardless of its accuracy. "They've set up an Iron Curtain so you can't get out the New York Post story which I happened to know is 100 percent accurate," Giuliani declared. "But even if it isn't accurate, the American people are entitled to know it."

OK, let's review. Nobody else with even the thinnest veneer of credibility besides the New York Post would publish the story, not even the newsroom at Fox News, and Rudy said he took it to them because he was pretty sure they wouldn't do much journalism to it, wouldn't vet it the same way he didn't vet it. He acknowledges there's a glass half-full chance his Joe Biden/Hunter Biden/Ukraine dirt is coming from a Russian spy. Despite all this he says it's "100 percent accurate," but "even if it isn't," the American people should know it, because reasons.

By the way, Rudy told the North Dakota radio show that on "the laptop," Hunter Biden texted "his siblings" and said he's had to "collect money for his father, take care of the family expenses, and kick back half of it to Joe Biden. For 30 years." Love texting our brother things and putting it on "the laptop."

Also, Hunter Biden is 50. Thirty years ago, Hunter Biden was 20, and a student at Georgetown. But he's definitely been nefariously supporting the Biden family ever since then, with required kickbacks to dad! You betcha.

(It's funny because this story would actually be semi-plausible if it was about Donald Trump Jr. or something.)

Anything else like to come out of your mouth, Rudy? Anything at all? We are listening and writing things down! It is all very interesting information from a 50/50 Russian spy that's 100 percent true unless it isn't!

Oh here's a thing! Because Rudy also told Newsmax that there are lots of pics of "underage girls" on The Laptop.

Well that sounds purposefully vague! Were they bad pictures of "underage girls," possibly put there by the GRU, or were they normal pictures of like HIS DAUGHTERS, family pictures of the type any dad might be expected to have, and like the New York Post put in its original hUnTeR bIdEn laPTops story?

Whatever it is, we're sure it's totally legit Rudy. Totally. Love it.

[Daily Beast]

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